Orchid x Google UK
We were asked by Google UK to create a visual asset to showcase the results of their annual Connected Consumer Barometer study, which highlights how people use the internet around the world.
We proposed three 360° videos with different 3D environments, each related to key findings from their research: digital assistants, mobile centricity and online video. In total, we created 75 personalized videos that were customized for each market worldwide. The videos were shared on the YT channel of Google UK, and across other platforms.​​​​​​​
It's also 2 others 360° videos...
Digital Assistants & The Future Of Technology, in UK: Watch on YouTube
Online Video Behaviours, in Spain: Watch on YouTube​​​​​​​
Made with ♥ by Orchid

Creative Director: Andrej Porosin
Project Manager: Tafika Ramiaramanana - Elisa Martinez

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